Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shopping and Clothing and Shoes Oh My!

It has come to both of our attention that we are shopping addicts. We like not only to shop for ourselves, but to encourage the other to get items that both flatter and enhance our already growing closets. This trip to our California mall was no exception.

We intended only to go to get inspiration, but sometimes when you get inspired, you tend to want to get those pieces that are just too good to resist. For Anne, this came in the form of shoes. She had been looking for flats for a while, but had never really found any that she liked, or were willing to pay for. It was in our first store (Sears) though that she found some that she really liked. Not being too expensive, because knowing us we always look for good deals, she decided this purchase was well worth it.

We then ventured into Famous Footwear to have a good look around the sales rack. There she discovered some black wedges. These are classy enough to wear to work, yet sleek enough for a girls night out. Also a good steal she found were some string textured flats, bearing multiple colors to wear with versatile outfits. This trip had us venturing into stores that we normally do not browse through, but I encourage you do the same. It allowed Anne to find shoes that she lacked in her staple attire that will be used for multiple occasions.

It was then my turn to do some damage as well. At first I had looked through some stores and had not really found anything that had really caught my eye. We were just about to leave to mall when a shirt on one of the mannequins had caught my eye. I had fallen victim to American Eagle and their 40% off sale that they were featuring in there store, but be warned, even though the clothes are cheaper then the usual retail price you need to know that it can cause you to be sucked into a deep hole, causing you to spend more money then you imagined you would.

Even though I ended up going a little over budget, I was able to find some good pieces that are going to help enhance my wardrobe. The first being the oversized purple shirt. This garment helps to hide my unflattering areas while accentuating my assets. It was the first thing I saw and although it does not look pleasant on the hanger it look fantastic on my figure. I then followed the purple theme and found this gorgeous lace bodycon skirt, that although I do not have the smallest waist, does a good job of averting from my trouble areas by giving it texture and depth with the detailing of the skirt. I liked tucking in the grey tunic I found and having the perfect day to night time outfit.

Our best advice to give a thrifty shopper is to go straight to the sale racks. It is easy to get lost in the new designs and products that appear in one of your favorite stores, but the best details always need to be sifted through to find. Another idea is to try something different, go to a new or rarely shopped at store and explore! It may surprise you the great deals and styles you may find. Finally it is important to try things on, things that look dull and plain on the hanger can look amazing and flattering on your body. So find your favorite shopping buddy and hit the sales ladies, you might be surprised at what you find!

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