Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Room Redecorating

This last semester of school I had the opportunity to study abroad in London where I made many memories that will last a lifetime. I wanted to be able to show that through my room so I decided what better way to do that then to make a collage. I had saved everything from ticket stubs to train tickets, even my room key to get into my flat; whatever tangible items I collected were able to be used for this project Anne and I had done. With my room colors being black, white, and red it was easy to incorporate a London theme into our redecorating. Below I have shown the before pictures of what my room had first looked like when I moved into my new house just last year:

In order to allow this idea to come to life Anne had given me excess photo frames she was not using and with her crafting abilities took some inspiration and brought it to life. We have seen a lot of picture clusters on walls scattered throughout the internet and drew an idea from that. By moving my bed to be positioned underneath my window it allowed us to have a blank wall to work with. We used large pieces of tracing paper to trace out our frames to give us the availability to order our frames on the wall without having to move each one off if we did not like its position. It was even easier to also draw on the paper where the nail hole was positioned on the frame so that we could hammer the nail into the paper and simply rip it off the wall once its purpose had been served.

Each frame represents a different leg of my journey abroad. While overseas I was able to not only visit the United Kingdom, but had the chance to explore Italy and Germany as well. From castles to fountains and bridges I was able to explore these three countries during my school semester. In each place I visited I kept not only souvenirs, but every stub I had received while on these adventures and saved them. I was unsure of how I wanted to present them, but Anne and I had decided to make picture collages to document each place.

To give my bedroom the illusion of having more space we simply moved the dresser drawers vertical and stuck it in the corner, allowing myself to maneuver around my room with more ease. But with so many changes some things were able to remain the same. My butterfly wall remained as well as the position of my desk, however the clutter was quickly removed. I find that when school starts, it will be easier to concentrate on a clean workspace rather then a messy surface. And having that clean polished look makes my room look organized and manageable.

All in all the changes have been small, but allowed my room to look different. The best part about this was that no spending was involved in order to make this change happen. We used excess items we had in our house, along with my tokens I had while abroad to make this bedroom renovation happen. This just goes to show that you do not always need to spend a lot to make a drastic change; instead just use some of your creativity to reinvent and alter your desired space and make it into something that you can be proud of.

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